Starting from Spring 2023 collection, get points by purchasing from us in-person & online!


For every USD you spend, get 5 stars!


Redeem for discounts or prizes!



Sign up at conventions or online!


Ask a staff member to join during check out, and submit your name, email and phone number. Get your points immediately!


Click the rewards widget on the bottom right of any page to create an account.

NOTE: Please sign up using the same information (name, email, phone number) online if you joined previously in-person. This will automatically connect your accounts.


Starting now, all purchases can qualify for points. Points will not be retroactively added for previous orders.

Get 5 points for each USD spent on your order (pre-tax and shipping).

Follow us on our social media for more free points once you log into the rewards app from our website!

Please note, only orders bought directly from Dreamily in-person or online (not in boutique stores) will qualify for points.



Please notify a staff member you would like to use your points.


Redeem price discounts, free shipping and physical prizes online by signing into your account before completing your purchase. Directions for physical items are in the item descriptions in the DREAM☆IER STARS SHOP and below FAQ.

Physical rewards will change yearly while supplies last, some exclusive rewards will only be available through the reward system. Follow us to get notified of any reward updates!


Please feel free to use our contact form to reach out to us about points questions/issues! This is our first time implementing this system, and we'd appreciate your patience in resolving issues!


Let us know if you don't see your question here!

How do you pronounce the program name?

Dreamier, like premier, but with 'dream' in the beginning'. I added the star to be fancy.


In Person/Conventions - You get them immediately after an order is completed.

Online - Once the your order is shipped out, your points will be added to your account.

Do my orders from previous orders before Spring 2023 qualify for points?

No, only orders made in Spring 2023 and after (March 10, 2023) will be redeemable for points.

I created an account after I made an order. Do my points still qualify? *UPDATED*

Your email used on orders will always be on file and hold the record of points you've made on all online orders (if you used the same email on all your orders). Since the points never expire, when you create an account, your points from previous orders will automatically appear.

If you are at an in-person event and you never left your information for a reciept, you will not get points for that order.

Do stars expire?

Stars do not expire :3

How do I redeem my points?

Online - Go the Rewards widget on the bottom right corner of any page, then go to Redeem Stars. Click the reward you'd like, and a redemption code will be automatically generated for you. Enter this code as a coupon in the check-out page.

WARNING: Once you redeem a reward, the associated stars will instantly be removed from your star balance and cannot be refunded. However, once generated, codes do not have to be redeemed immediately. Codes will be stored in your account until used and never expire.

In Person/Conventions - Please ask a staff member to assist you through the check-out process.

What information is needed to check in to my account in conventions?

During check out, please tell our staff the phone number on file to look up your account.

How do I check how many points I have?

In-Person/At Events - Please ask a staff member to look for you.

Online - Log in to the Rewards widget and it will be displayed.

Can multiple people share a rewards account?

Y-yes, that is technically possible.

You will need to still log in before you place your online order (or give us the phone number or email on file for the account). The checkout process still requires a shipping and billing address, and can be entered in manually.

What will you do with my phone number? Will you text or call me?

We will not text or call you, and will only be used for account verification/connecting an in-person account online.

Also, it's easier asking for one's phone number than an email during check out at a convention.

I forgot my password :(

Please use the 'Forgot Password' feature while logging in to reset your password online. Dreamily staff cannot retrieve or reset your password for you. Our rewards app does not allow access to customer passwords on file.

I forgot to log into my account and didn't get my points!

Online - Please use our contact form or email with your order number right away.

In Person/Conventions - Please speak to a staff member right away and show your reciept. We can also search orders through the card number used on your purchase. You can also message @dreamilyapparel on Instagram, but there might be a delay in response if we're busy.

Reach out to us through our contact form or with as much information possible and our team will assist you.

Dreamily Apparel reserves the right to adjust the DREAM☆IER REWARDS program without notice.